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Our Philosophy


"People come and go, but experience dealing with people stay with us forever. That's what makes a good publicist."

RTC Publicity prides itself on acquiring clients that we fully believe in. We will not pitch a story that we are not completely passionate about. In turn, our clients benefit by receiving an all-encompassing, limitless publicity campaign with our tireless personal attention. We love to over deliver – every time.

Our view on publicity is simple: convey a unified message to the public. This is where many PR efforts falter and whatever impact they may have is convoluted. Magazine features, newspaper stories, radio interviews, and television appearances – spread a far more trusted, relevant message than any form of paid advertising. With a focused pitch and a consistent message on a worthy project, visibility becomes a by-product of a great campaign. Think about it. Would you rather pay for a huge advertisement in The New York Times or land a review in the New York Times Book Review?

Our Services

At RTC Publicity every client is unique and so are their campaigns. As a boutique PR firm we take advantage of being a smaller outfit. Closely designed campaigns are tailored to your needs and goals - large agencies simply can't or will not provide such custom fit. Hiring RTC is much like creating a cost-effective extension of your own company. Our clients will tell you the quality service RTC provides constantly and tirelessly. We place our clients in regional, national, trade and Internet medias, every campaign we start.

RTC Publicity also specializes in all things book-related. Consider us your one-stop shop whether you want to be taken to the next level or you are just looking to get published. Our vast experience makes us very unique when coordinating outreach. We have managed product seminars, book launches and created non-profit fundraisers. Resources for media training, graphic design, marketing and web design are available through RTC's large network. The creation of professional, up-to-date press materials, national tour bookings and pristine event management maybe more attainable then you think. RTC has established a large footprint considering its boutique spirit.

Our Clients

We've served high-profile clients including the Montel Williams MS Foundation, Dream Dinners, Sunset Health Products, makers of The Hollywood Cookie Diet™, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, "The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan and numerous clients in other categories.  This background has given RTC amazing access to a variety of media players and unique ideas. Book clients include: Tyrus Books, Carolyn Haines, David J. Walker, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Dr. Diane Hamilton, the new Kismet Press, comedian Greg Schwem, internet marketer Matt Bailey, poet Daniel Ames, Kenneth Wishnia, Ashley Gordon's Mockingbird Publishing, Kent Harrington, Pascal Marco and Laura DiSilverio. RTC Publicity’s nearly 10 years of experience has helped us to build strong relationships with top-tier national and regional media outlets – a professional advantage that we leverage for all of our clients. Experience and energy—just the right combo.

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